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I wish to make you aware of your right to seek advice and assistance from the UK Citizens Advice Bureau. There are also UK law centres, which may be able to assist you free of charge. Details of how to access these services may be found online or in the UK telephone directories. 


I normally require payment of my fees before opening a client’s file or any information provided, or advice given. I usually charge a fixed fee per each matter as agreed with a client, once your supporting documents are received, and facts and eligibility have been checked against relevant requirements of the Immigration Rules. If/when you pay any fees for any work/services to be yet provided in the future, as a retainer or a down payment, your fees are held in a dedicated/separate client account. If you change your mind and decide to withdraw instructions, your fees will be refunded to you, subject to an administrative fee (£100) and charges/fees for the work completed, time spent, and advice provided, charged on a pro-rata basis (£150 per hour). I do not hold any client’s funds or any funds on behalf of clients. Fees charged for advice and work in preparing and submitting applications do not cover any additional/subsequent work on the file, any further advice or any additional correspondence, representations enquires, administrative reviews, return of documents or application status requests, calls/emails to the UKVI/Home Office, contacting of any other third parties and/or appeals. I may provide the additional advice/services free of charge at my sole discretion. I may also provide clients with some initial advice or information if I wish to do so, free of charge and at my sole discretion. Any further work, such as requests for updates, resolving the UKVI/Home Office delays, contacting the UKVI/Home Office on your behalf and any other work whatsoever undertaken on your file is subject to further fees, as agreed to and paid for before carrying out any activities or work/time spent on file as a fixed fee or subject to additional charges on an hourly/pro-rata basis (£150 per hour).


I will make every effort to provide a quality service to all clients and attain a favourable outcome in all matters. However, success cannot be guaranteed, and the outcome is dependent upon the merits of your case, quality, and sufficiency of supporting documents you supply, competence, training and diligence of decision makers/IOs and ECOs engaged by the UKVI/Home Office, integrity of information and documentation you provide etc. Processing delays are commonplace for the UKVI/Home Office. Every effort is made to assist and encourage the UKVI/Home Office to make correct decision in compliance with the Immigration Rules and case law. 


I will update you by telephone, email or in writing on the progress of your case regularly but at least every 6-12 weeks and we will always try to keep you informed of any unexpected delays or changes in the nature of the work. You may enquire at any time from me about a progress report.


At this stage, I am unable to give you an indication of an exact time frame during which your matter will be concluded, although it normally takes from 6 weeks to 6 months or longer to obtain a decision on a visa application. 

You should be aware that the UKVI, and the Home Office decide cases and applications according to their time scales and I have no control over this. Delays, errors, and failure to refund fees/charges/IHS are common for the UKVI/Home Office.


I am committed to promoting equality and diversity in all our dealings with clients, third parties and employees. Please contact me if you would like a copy of my equality and diversity policy.


I am committed to high-quality legal advice and client care. When something goes wrong, I need you to tell me about it. This will help me to maintain and improve my standards.  I will always try to provide an opportunity for all my clients to tell me of their complaints and concerns, if any, and will make every endeavour to work and try to resolve them.

  1. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of our service, you are advised initially to discuss your concern or complaint with me directly to see if the matter can be resolved quickly. Verbal complaints are treated as seriously as written complaints.
  2. If you have spoken to your adviser or if you do not wish to discuss your concerns with them, you may wish to make a formal complaint.  You can make your complaint either verbally or in writing to Alexander Boyd.
  3. I can be contacted at my offices’ addresses.
  4. I am responsible for handling complaints in relation to immigration advice and services I provide. 
  5. I shall acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days of receiving it.
  6. I shall investigate and provide you with a response to your complaint within 10 working days of our receipt of your complaint.  In most instances my overall timescale for resolving complaints is 10 working days. If we must change the timescale for any reason, we will let you know and explain why. 
  7. I shall keep details of your complaint in a central register and create a separate file or section in your case file to record details of the complaint, my investigation and response to your complaint.
  8. If you remain unsatisfied with the response to your complaint you may complain to my regulator, the OISC. You can contact the OISC by telephone on 0345 000 0046, by email to or by post: OISC, POX 567, Dartford, DA1 9XW. You can also submit your complaint or enquires to the OISC here:


I will only engage experts using objective criteria. In situations where you may need the services of an interpreter, medical attention/report, etc, I will engage only professionals who are registered with a recognised accreditation body. Recognised bodies for interpreters include The National Register for Public Service Interpreters, Metropolitan Police Test, Diploma in Public Service Interpreting, etc while the General Medical Council regulates medical doctors in the UK.  It is also my policy not to engage the services of the client’s family member or friend to avoid any conflict of interest in providing a professional service.


I am under a legal duty to keep all your affairs, records, and communications, confidential, in compliance with the Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information legislation. Release of any confidential information contrary to law and other unauthorised acts, leads us to disciplinary action against me by the regulator. The duty of confidentiality applies to information about your affairs and other general information.

It is likely that during the work I undertake, certain information may have to be disclosed to third parties, for example, experts’ reports. I will only disclose such information having discussed the matter with you, having obtained your consent to disclose information or when we are under a professional obligation to do so.


My regulator, the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner may need to access your file/s whilst checking my competence. The OISC does not require any permission to inspect my client files. Please be assured that the OISC will always maintain your confidentiality.


If you wish to instruct other firms to deal with your matter, I will transfer your file to the new firm, or adviser you have nominated, however, you are liable to pay any outstanding fees to me. I will always release your file whether you have paid me or not. I may take action in the Sheriff Court/ or Magistrates Court to recover my fees should you refuse to pay for any work completed/done on your file/matter. 


I hold up-to-date and valid Professional Indemnity Insurance. 


To enable me to provide you with an efficient service, I expect you to ensure that:

  • You always keep me updated whenever any of your contact details change. We need to be able to contact you when necessary. 
  • You will provide me with clear, timely and accurate instructions. 
  • You will provide all documentation required to complete the transaction in a timely manner. 
  • You will safeguard and provide any documents, which are required for your immigration matter.  


On completion of your matter, I will return all your original documents if have been provided. I will retain all our clients’ files for at least six years in line with the Immigration Services Commissioner’s Code of Standards. I reserve the right to destroy the files without further reference to you after retaining the files for the period stipulated by the Commissioner who is our regulator.


I am based at 93 High Street, Glasgow, G1 1NB. My home office (principal) address is 17 Glen Douglas Drive, CUMBERNAULD, G68 0DW. My normal working hours are from 11am to 7pm Monday to Friday. Please contact me for an appointment. 

Appointments can be arranged outside these hours to deal with emergency or unanticipated situations if such arrangements serve my client’s best interests. Additional fees may apply. My mobile number is 07782720038.  The office contact number is 0141 237 3137. 

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